Thursday Thoughts: May 4, 2023

May is here, and summer is just around the corner. It’s not too late to start changing your lifestyle and try new regimens. You are capable of blooming like May flowers. Here is part four of my story: Once I rejected the narrative that was being written for my son, sought out truth, and began […]

Thursday Thoughts: April 27, 2023

Who else is readdyyyy for the weekend?! Here is part three of my story.  He said “mama”, again. I had begun to seek out people who wanted to heal my son with me instead of trying to make me believe that healing wasn’t possible. Trust me when I tell you this: there are those people. […]

Thursday Thoughts: April 20, 2023

Happy Thursday! Here is part 2 of my story: So began my quest for the truth. And maybe that’s where you are right now. This shedding of lies that has been wrapped around us to make us believe we were safer ‘trusting the experts’ than trusting our own intuition. That the doubts, both spoken and […]

Thursday Thoughts: April 14, 2023

#TGIF – Thursday Thoughts Happy Friday! Thank goodness it’s Friday… am I right? Yes, I’m sending my ‘Thursday thoughts’ on a Friday…. but life happens. So excited to share this four part story with you over the next few weeks.  Part 1 The questioning all began in a doctor’s office, as it does for so […]

Thursday Thoughts: March 16, 2023

What’s your story? My thoughts this Thursday are with where this all got started and how we are now here with you subscribing to emails from me. My story may have started out a lot like yours. I was ignorant to a lot of things in the medical system. I went along with it, a […]

Thursday Thoughts: March 9, 2023

How are Your Emotions Lately? Maybe lately has felt heavy for you. Overwhelming. Like you’ve just got too much in your head and too much pulling at your heart. But you feel bad for complaining because you know you have a good life and you know others have it worse than you do. Friend… The […]

Thursday Thoughts: March 2, 2023

How are you being marketd to today? What do you mean by that? What does a quick scroll on social media tell you that you need today? Is it a product? A way of life? An emotion? Too often I hear how men and women, but especially women feed on the content of others with […]

Thursday Thoughts: February 23, 2023

Happy Thursday! A while back I heard an eye-opening activity a teacher did in a classroom.This teacher wrote ten math facts on the chalkboard but intentionally wrote the wrong answer for one of them. When she wrote the wrong answer, the kids began to snicker behind her. The laughing slowly grew across the room. After […]

Thursday Thoughts: February 16, 2023

Are you dealing with brain fog? Lack of energy to get going for the day?Did you know that your gut can affect both of those things? First of all, over 90% of your body’s serotonin (your body’s neurotransmitter that plays several roles in your body including influencing learning, memory, happiness as well as regulating body […]

Thursday Thoughts: February 9, 2023

Happy Thursday! At this point in the week, it’s so easy to think, Thank goodness it’s Friday tomorrow! Life can be heavy, overwhelming, and stressful sometimes, can’t it? Add in thefact that we’ve been conditioned to dread every other day except Friday and our weekend. We are told our work week is the worst part […]

Thursday Thoughts: February 2, 2023

Welcome to a brand-new series called Thursday Thoughts with Jodie. Encouragement is always needed and I’m going to pour it all over you, but I don’t want you to sit still in that drenching inspiration—I want you to move. Move towards good things—new things—things that are going to bring about massive changes in life for […]