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Thursday Thoughts: March 9, 2023

How are Your Emotions Lately?

Maybe lately has felt heavy for you. Overwhelming. Like you’ve just got too much in your head and too much pulling at your heart. But you feel bad for complaining because you know you have a good life and you know others have it worse than you do.


The fact is people who drown in 2 feet of water, or 20 feet of water still drown. When someone is suffering, they are suffering. I know it is so easy for us to look at someone else’s circumstances and feel the magnitude of theirs making our own suffering feel insignificant. But trauma and suffering are not a competition.

Let’s quit saying…

It could be worse.

But it’s not as bad as what “so and so” is going through.

At least it is only this.

We need to fully process our suffering and our overwhelm so we don’t continually stuff it down deep inside, wreaking havoc on our nervous system and eventually allowing it to spring to the surface as trauma.

Will someone have it worse than you? Most likely there will always be someone who has it worse, but it doesn’t negate what you are going through. It doesn’t cancel it out.

People who drown in 2 feet of water or 20 feet of water still drown.

Whatever you are going through right now, it’s valid. It’s hard. It’s heavy. And you are allowed to process it fully regardless of what other people are going through at the same time.

Here’s one of my favorite recipes to help me find my inner calm. Maybe it can help you, too.