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Thursday Thoughts: March 16, 2023

What’s your story?

My thoughts this Thursday are with where this all got started and how we are now here with you subscribing to emails from me.

My story may have started out a lot like yours.

I was ignorant to a lot of things in the medical system. I went along with it, a blind faith in those who had white coats and degrees. I didn’t realize at the time that I was giving my power away every time I stepped into their office and agreed to whatever they said without thinking about it. I just trusted they knew best.

Then I became a mom. Everything feels overwhelming when you welcome that first baby into the world. I really leaned into their expertise, wanting to cling to any help that was offered to me—even though I didn’t know what it ultimately would mean.

I had delayed his shots. Until one day the doctor pressed me to get him “caught up”. I asked him what he would do and he informed me he would give them to his child in an instant.

So, I did.

I held my son while they gave him 7 shots that day…

And then the light went out of his eyes, and he stopped saying “mama”.

When I asked if the vaccines could have caused this I was met with shame. I was met with belittling. I was met with a doctor trying to make me feel crazy to cover up what I later found out was the truth—vaccines can cause significant damage.

I was kicked out of that office, followed by a couple others, for questioning.

But now here we are. I became a mama bear that snatched her power back and healed her son BECAUSE I questioned, BECAUSE I rejected the narrative, BECAUSE I refused to give up on the idea that we can always choose a path of healing.

You can do it, too. The road of healing wasn’t just reserved for me and my family. It’s available to everyone. Does it take a large dose of courage and confidence? 100%. But I know it is within you. I know you can do it. I know it’s possible for anyone who wants to choose it.

You can choose it too>