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Thursday Thoughts: March 23, 2023

The road is not a fast or easy road, but it is a road well worth traveling.- Jodie Meschuk

I said this a few years ago and it is something that still rings true for me.

The road to healing doesn’t come with fast fiber internet downloading a gigabit per second. Healing is more like dial-up. You’ve got to wait, listen to sometimes annoying sounds that can be uncomfortable in your ears, and then finally be connected only to wait for what can feel like forever for things to turn on, download, and operate.

Our society glorifies fast results. We throw things away when it doesn’t work quickly, when we don’t see results within a few days, and when it’s no longer convenient for us.

We have such disposable mindsets, forgetting that often things that are worthwhile take intention and time. Sometimes a lot of time.

Healing is 100% one of those things. We are doing something that is having to reverse damage. Damage we may or may not have created over years. Why do we expect healing to happen in a few weeks’ time when the damage we created took so much longer or was so much more potent?

We must be gentle with ourselves and with our time when it comes to this journey.

Don’t worry if you aren’t seeing things right away. Give it time. And then give it some more.

Sometimes you’ll see a glimmer of a result and it’ll give you enough hope to keep going, but do not get discouraged if this isn’t your experience.

Any steps you are taking towards healing are good ones.

Keep. Going.