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Breathe Well this Spring

Do you feel like something has blown in and made your eyes water, ears burn, and throat itch? This time of year can feel overwhelming with a hectic spring schedule and to-do list…then when you add not feeling 100% to the mix, it can make for a really stressful season when it actually might be one of your favorites!

Here are some simple things that you might not be doing that could help…

The infamous LLP combo—that’s Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. Drop those oils in your diffuser, in a roller, or in a capsule and do this consistently to notice a difference!

Purification (which is FREE this month with Young Living promos!). Diffuse in your house to purify the air. PRO TIP: When your ears are hurting, take a couple drops and rub Purification around your ears!

Enzymes—specifically Alleryzme. As you can probably tell from the name, it may help with more than just your gut, but working on a healthy gut can actually help with your allergies. Weird, right? Not really. Our gut is powerful and connected to so many aspects of our health.

Keep your clothes, blankets, and jackets washed in Thieves Laundry Soap. Have you thought about those jackets that your kids keep tossing on and off? Or those hoodies that your preteen may never take off? When they are out in the elements, allergens will cling to their fabrics. Washing these often helps keep your home clear of the irritants.

R.C. or Raven are two great oils to always have around to help with any congestion. Rub them on the chest or diffuse at night in your bedroom! Bonus: R.C. has actually shown to help some people with snoring!

You don’t have to be miserable or take any OTC medication to help with your seasonal woes! You just have to be proactive and be consistent with natural options. Sometimes natural remedies work right away, but other times we have to give them time and consistency to begin to work in our body because these options are not a band-aid to the solution, they truly help at the root cause.

Breathe well this season and enjoy all the spring things you love to do!