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Grasp the importance of self care, filling your cup first, and. prioritizing YOUR health.
Find the tools you have been looking for and become confident in putting them to use.
Have access to countless resources and hundreds of hours of education.

Be at peace knowing that the information is being vetted for you aiding in research

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I'm so grateful for this community. I used to feary my kids getting sick, my husband losing his job and everything that is happening in our world. Ever since I joined this community I feel empowered and no longer feel as if I can't handle it. This world is getting crazy and community and support is needed and Warrior Center offers both!
The Warrior Center has provided both empowerment and encouragement for navigating this world that we seem to have tripped and fallen into. If you are looking for a group to lift you up and get you through this group is for you.
You know you found your tribe when you can come to the table with your vulnerable questions, digest uncensored information to find what fits for you and your family and encourage and be encouraged to live your best healthy life. The Warrior Center provides that and so much more. So grateful for my fellow Warriors. [edited]
Heck Yeah! Top thing it's not consored!😉 There's so much quality information in the Warrior Center. I love the whole natural approach to wellness. It definitely aligns with my family's lifestyle! I love the honest testimonies from real people. It's comforting to see some real truth in here. I would highly recommend this group to anyone wanting natural wellness options and to people who want legit informed consent. Love thie group and so glad I'm here - Julia Cardenas (you can use my name)
Julia Cardenas
The Warrior Center not only empowers me and has brought out the mama bear from within, it has led me to a beautiful community. It's so refreshing to regain your confidence and gain insight on how to take care of. your family the best, most clean and nature way possible. Jodie has truly inspired me to advocate for myself and my family. Her support and knowledge is immeasurable. [edited]
Rachel Jurjevic
The Warrior Center has been such a blessing to my family. It has given me the conficence to help our bodies heal without reaching for the usual go to stuff filled with horrible ingredients you purchase at the store. It has also been a breath of fresh air. Our world is full of stress right now with perople turning against each other in our daily lives as well as other sovcial media platforms. It's so nice to have a community that looks out for each other and lifts each other up. I'm so thankful for what Jodie has done for all of us.

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  • Natural Health
  • Parental Empowerment
  • Current Events
  • One-on-One Support from Jodie
  • Private & Exclusive Members Area
  • Censorship FREE Education
  • INSTANT ACCESS to My 20+ Courses
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A: The Warrior Center is for anyone and everyone looking for like minded community and information on an array of topics from, parenting and holistic health, to government, and politics. We cover it all!

A: In the Warrior Center you will find hundreds of hours of course content, educational videos, zoom calls with guest speakers, an active community news feed with daily questions and commentary, group discussion pages covering major topics, access to special discounts and insider information, monthly community zoom calls with Jodie, and first notice on important content and drops like Freedom Cast episodes and more!

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