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Thursday Thoughts: March 2, 2023

How are you being marketd to today?

What do you mean by that? What does a quick scroll on social media tell you that you need today?

Is it a product? A way of life? An emotion?

Too often I hear how men and women, but especially women feed on the content of others with almost desperation as we welcome the distraction from whatever is currently overwhelming us. Therefore, we cling to what others offer…things that say…

This will make you skinnier. This will make your skin clearer. This will erase your wrinkles. This will give you more energy. This will make you feel like jumping your spouse’s bones. This will make you happy. This will make you love your life. This will make you look better, prettier, sexier…this will make you enough. And while some mean well—the truth is that our insecurities are constantly preyed upon.

We are sometimes looking for solutions, but not always.

Then there is another layer…

What emotion are you buying when you consume the content of others?
Fear. Unhappiness. Shame. Doubt.

Emotions that make an imprint on you and that impact the rest of your day and maybe even your life.

Friend, watch how you are being marketed to. You are the only one who can control your scroll which is what guards your heart and your mind. Be mindful of what you let in and be mindful of what you buy into.

Some things may be what you need, but there are probably a lot of things that you can do without.