Dr. Mom

Dr. Mom

Become the gatekeeper of your family’s health and wellness

I often say “Dr. Mom” because I want moms to feel empowered in their children’s health journeys, but really, at the root of it all… it’s about becoming Dr. You.

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Does this sound familiar?

Here's What We'll Cover

Special note: This is the FIRST time I’ve ever offered this course for 8 weeks! Every other Dr. Mom session has been six weeks. So excited to bring new material! 

Week 1

Breaking the Matrix

  • Day 1: Becoming Dr. Mom
  • Day 2: Common Childhood Ailments
  • Day 3: Detox/Drainage Pathways
  • Day 4: Vaccines
  • Day 5: Fevers

Week 2

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

  • Day 1: Foundational Pillars of Nutrition
  • Day 2: Foods to Avoid
  • Day 3: Gut Health/Eczema
  • Day 4: Label Reading
  • Day 5: Meal Planning

Week 3

Deep Dive into Hormones & Stress


Week 4


  • Day 1: The Principles of Homeopathy and Herbology
  • Day 2: Usage for Common Ailments
  • Day 3: Make Your Own Tinctures
  • Day 4: Homeoprophylaxis
  • Day 5: Vaccine Detox

Week 5

Deep Dive into Detox & Immunity



Week 6

Essential Oils

  • Day 1: The Chemistry of Essential Oils
  • Day 2: Shifting the Fear Narrative
  • Day 3: Popular Protocols
  • Day 4: Emotional Release
  • Day 5: The Good Witch Doctor

Week 7

Acupressure/Auricular Medicine

  • Day 1: What is Acupressure
  • Day 2: How Auricular Therapy Works
  • Day 3: Musculoskeletal Earpoints/Naval/Locus Coeruleus
  • Day 4: Common Uses for Common Ailments
  • Day 5: Additional Forms of Therapy

Week 8

Your Home Is Your Sanctuary

  • Day 1: Cleaning Products
  • Day 2: EMF/Radiation Exposure
  • Day 3: Relationships
  • Day 4: Emotions
  • Day 5: Family Dynamics

Week 1
Breaking the Matrix

Day 1: Becoming Dr. Mom
Day 2: Common Childhood Ailments
Day 3: Detox/Drainage Pathways
Day 4: Vaccines
Day 5: Fevers


Week 2
Let Food be Thy Medicine

Day 1: Foundational Pillars of Nutrition
Day 2: Foods to Avoid
Day 3: Gut Health/Eczema
Day 4: Label Reading
Day 5: Meal Planning


Week 3

Day 1: The Principles of Homeopathy
Day 2: Usage for Common Ailments
Day 3: Make Your Own Tincture
Day 4: Homeoprophylaxis
Day 5: Vaccine Detox


Week 4
Essential Oils

Day 1: The Chemistry of Essential Oils
Day 2: Shifting the Fear Narrative
Day 3: Popular Protocols
Day 4: Emotional Release
Day 5: The Good Witch Doctor


Week 5
Acupressure/Auricular Medicine

Day 1: What is Acupressure?
Day 2: How Auricular Therapy Works
Day 3: Musculoskeletal: Earpoints/Naval/Locus Coeruleus
Day 4: Common Uses for Common Ailments
Day 5: Additional Forms of Therapy


Week 6
Your Home is Your Sanctuary

Day 1: Cleaning Products
Day 2: EMF/Radiation Exposure
Day 3: Relationships
Day 4: Emotions
Day 5: Family Dynamics

Masterclass Features

What Dr. Mom Students are Saying

Welcome to something that has the potential of changing the trajectory of your motherhood by equipping you with education to step more confidently into your power.

I know from experience that the first thing you need to hear is, “You are capable.”
Society wants moms to believe they aren’t. That moms must accept what life has handed them and outsource the things they aren’t educated to understand. It’s a lie. A lie that coerces you to give your power over to someone else while feeling defeated that you can’t care for your own child.

Over the years I’ve learned that as a mom, I’m fierce. I’m smart. I’m capable. I’m powerful. I’m the first line of defense for my children. I don’t have to take one person’s opinion and believe it is the only truth or the only way. I can figure things out and I can find people who want to pour fuel on the fire of my motherhood and not put it out.

You don’t have to feel unequipped.

In fact, I want you to know that you have so many resources at your fingertips that you can pick and choose from for your family.

That’s what this course is.

It’s a way to give room for you to reclaim your motherhood, to reclaim your power, to reclaim confidence that this title of mother isn’t just a name, it’s a mission that belongs to you for a reason.

I want you to walk away from this, not relying on me to tell you what to do, but with a brave belief that you can and will navigate any challenge ahead with boldness and a certainty that makes other moms around you feel like they can step into that power too.

Not only will you become that mom that takes charge, but you will inspire others to take charge and that’s how we change the motherhood narrative. We lift one another up to make one another believe in our own capability instead of making mothers feel like they aren’t enough.
This course is important because you deserve to be that mom.

You already are that mom.

It’s time to take your power back.

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