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Thursday Thoughts: March 30, 2023

Today’s thoughts go out to the mothers. A long time ago I had this really eye opening conversation with a friend about being in the thick of motherhood and the process we experience that shapes our perspective on making decisions for our children’s health.

Maybe you’ve had some of these similar experiences:

·   You take your child to the pediatrician for a well check without your husband because he is at work.

·   You hold your child down while they are given a vaccine, tears streaming both down their face and yours.

·   You begin to click on posts about vaccine injury instead of just scroll past, because you begin to feel guilty and unsure about the routine.

·   You decide to do your own research. You pour hours into multiple articles and testimonies that support both sides of the issue.

·   You come to a conclusion that makes you feel well-informed.

I came to a personal conclusion that we were not going to vaccinate anymore. It was a decision that took careful sorting of information and choosing what was best from our own experiences.

Here’s the thing mamas—we research things DAILY.

What’s the best washing machine? Cell phone service? Softest leggings? And the list is forever long because we constantly collect data to create the best decisions for the life we live.

So, then I must ask—what kind of research are you doing when it comes to the things that impact your child’s health? And if you don’t currently do any research, what is stopping you from doing so?   

This is something I know to be true—Mothers care more about their children than any professional out there. Mothers are smart and capable of making tough decisions. Mothers are powerful and deserve to do what is best for their family without fear of what others think. Mothers deserve freedom to choose what is best for their children.

I believe in you and I believe in your freedom to do what is best for your family.