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Thursday Thoughts: July 20, 2023

You woke up today.

Today we are going to talk about how you breathe.

Fun fact: Breathing through your nose instead of your mouth allows your body to filter out dust and allergens.

Maybe you’ve seen jokes in reference to “mouth breathers,” but nose breathing is a superior way to breathe. Why?

Breathing through your nose filters out toxins. The hairs in your nose are a filtration system that keeps allergens, dust, and pollen from entering your lungs. When you breathe through your mouth EVERYTHING you inhale goes straight to your lungs.

Breathing through your nose humidifies the air. Your nasal passages moisturize and warm the air you inhale. When the air is closer to your body temperature it is easier for your lungs to utilize.

Breathing through your nose produces nitric oxide. This nitric oxide helps widen your blood vessels and makes it easier for nutrient-rich oxygenated blood to reach your body’s organs and tissues—therefore optimizing your breathing for your health!

Now, I know there will be some argument that breathing through the nose is difficult for some due to congestion, colds, or allergies.

Sometimes, you do have to breathe through your mouth BUT taking the intention to sit down and focus on breathing through your nose slowly can help you become LESS sick since the toxins are being filtered by your very own, FREE filtration system in your nose.

Breathing through your nose also promotes slower, deeper breathing and this is incredible for your health as this style of breathing stimulates the vagus nerve which is what regulates our fight or flight response. YES—this means that breathing through your nose can help your body CALM DOWN. It convinces your body to rest and even helps you digest food better.

Do you have a hard time clearing your nose so you can breathe through your nose?

Here’s an exercise to do:

Take a deep breath through your nose best you can. Then pinch your nose and rock your head side to side (check going towards the shoulder). When you can’t hold your breath any longer—don’t go to the point of complete exhaustion—let go and exhale through the nose. Do this as many times as needed.

And guess what else?! There are oils to help you breathe better!!!

Try Breathe Again, RC, or Raven to help clear your nasal passages.