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Thursday Thoughts: May 18, 2023

Let’s talk about this current trend to label adults with ADHD…

I get how easy it is to fall into this cult-like obsession with the label. We all want to be seen, to be understood, to feel part of something and the symptoms that are associated with this label are ones many people have—not because they have ADHD, but because they are overwhelmed, exhausted, distracted, and have become so immersed in our culture that expects us to be everything to everyone 24/7.

Just because you struggle with focusing doesn’t mean you have ADHD.

Just because you start one project and then find yourself on project #23 for the day, never completing anything doesn’t mean you have ADHD.

Just because you misplace things because you are buzzing around your house trying to get everything or anything done doesn’t mean you have ADHD.

I’m not saying there aren’t some that do, but most people are simply dealing with the same problem that so many kids suffer from when it comes to the ‘over diagnosing crisis’ that our society has—root issues aren’t addressed and surface symptoms are labeled.

We are an overstimulated society that has our to-do lists longer than the time we have, and we have allowed it to happen. Adults, just like children, are affected by the expectations set out by the world.

We aren’t allowed to slow down. We are overworked. We are financially stressed. We are buzzing around on five shots of espresso and feeling like we always fail because we compare our lives to the social media highlight reel.

Take a breath. Recognize the real problem here—the lifestyle we’ve allowed to become the norm, and not just the norm—the expected. Most are not willing to admit that they can fix the issue by changing habits because the truth is changing habits is much harder than slapping a label on our symptoms and “feeling seen”.

People don’t like to choose the harder work. It’s easier just to join the cult and excuse everything on a label.

Dig deeper warriors. You are worth the hard work.