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Thursday Thoughts: April 27, 2023

Who else is readdyyyy for the weekend?! Here is part three of my story. 

He said “mama”, again.

I had begun to seek out people who wanted to heal my son with me instead of trying to make me believe that healing wasn’t possible. Trust me when I tell you this: there are those people.

The people who want to see you step into your power, who want to see the best for your child, who believe in the wholeness of the body and that it is capable of healing. You may feel like you struggle to find them, but they are out there.

I had to build a community around my family that wanted us to succeed instead of remaining victim to a diagnosis.

This may mean setting up some boundaries—especially if it’s family and not a doctor that you can “fire”. And that part can be hard. Family can be one of the trickiest relationships to navigate when you’ve decided not to follow one “professional’s” recommendation. However, as the parent you have to remember that your mama intuition isn’t misdirecting you.

You cannot allow people, even people you love dearly, gaslight you into believing you are crazy. You have to stand your ground. You have to put up a boundary without building a wall. Walls keep us from community, and they keep us isolated—feeling extremely lonely in a time that already feels desolate.

Do not build yourself an island. 

If we want community in our life, we are going to have to create it. We can’t sit around and continue to construct reasons why we are a victim to other people. What do we want this community to look like? What do we NEED from our community? How can we pour into a community?

Community isn’t going to be made up of perfect people that we agree with 100% of the time. If we are looking for perfection, we will be building an island that even we can’t live on.

The reality is this is about your family. That consists of your spouse, you, and your children.

At the end of the day this is about doing what is best for them and not what is best for the opinion of everyone else around you. I promise you it’s worth it because the truth is if you are more willing to serve the opinions of others before the needs of your children, you are dealing with a pride issue that stems from your desire to not be misunderstood—to keep your reputation in tact more than the wellbeing of the ones you love most.

And that’s where I found myself.

Did I want to pursue the healing for my child more than the comfort of my reputation?

I did.

So, I began seeking out professionals in the game of healing—those who believed in WHOLEness, those who believed in holistic practices, and those who believed in my child.

In this search, I also found other mamas who wanted the same for their family…HEALING AND HOPE.

It was in this season of pruning that I also intentionally planted the things I wanted for my family including the community I wanted for them. As time went on, I found out who wanted to grow with me and those who were weeds wanting to strangle my growth.

You will have to do the same.

It isn’t easy, but it’s a vital part of the process towards healing and the continued heartbeat of hope within.

Part Four to come…