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Thursday Thoughts: June 7, 2023

It’s June and a month that once just meant the beginning of summer now has a completely different definition thanks to a rainbow flag. First, I am not condemning those within the LGBTQ+ community, but what I am not okay with is the month-long celebration about sexuality.

What this month has become should be private conversations within homes between parents and their children, but instead, yearly, it becomes a much larger and louder movement of “awareness” that honestly, we do not need.

Aren’t we all aware?

What about THIS deserves an entire month to shove agendas into the faces of all, including our children who do not need to be reading a shirt hanging up in Target that reads “queer queer queer”? Why do our children need to be exposed to something that is all about sex?

Because that is what is happening. That’s what the letters stand for—the sexual preference/orientation of a person.

I know that many just stay quiet and let everyone “live their life” because it is uncomfortable to stand up to a group that has become very prideful, but we’ve now begun to see violence and hatred from this group that is forcing themselves into every area of our society. Most companies put out “pride” items or at least acknowledge pride month on their socials. Items that are made for children are “pride washed”.

And it’s confusing for them.

At this point in their life kids need to be kids. They don’t need to be the “target market” over a movement that is all about sexuality.

I, personally, thought pushing sexuality on children is disgusting, wrong, and the abuse of the most innocent, but society wants us to believe it is not. WHY do they not want us to believe that it isn’t?

Why do they want our children to celebrate sexuality?

This isn’t about tolerance. This is about indoctrination.

This is about protecting our children.

Stand up against it and if you feel led to, vote with your dollar.