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Thursday Thoughts: July 6, 2023

Happy Thursday, friend!

I wanted to send out a reminder that hard work isn’t scary.

But not doing the hard work is very, very scary.

I know it can often feel like it’s a lot—too much for your own strength and capabilities. I’ve heard often on social media that people blame money for their problems, that they can’t afford the solutions their children need.

But there is always a way when you are willing to put in the hard work.

And hard work isn’t scary…it’s just hard.

Maybe your plan looks different than someone else who can choose a few convenient pieces for their journey. Maybe it means preparing more meals and snacks from scratch. Maybe it means figuring out how to be a little scrappier in your finances to choose what is needed in the now, putting off what can be dealt with later. 

It can mean many things, but I can guarantee you this—not doing the hard work makes for a scary future. One where compromise was made at the expense of your health or your children’s health.

What we do because it is easier comes at a cost. We make choices every single day—figuring out what we can sacrifice.

We must mindfully make those choices.

You deserve better. Your children deserve better.

Don’t be afraid of the hard work, be afraid of not doing it.