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Tag: Thursday Thoughts

No resolutions this year

I’m not a big resolutions person, so I didn’t make any this year, but what I do like to do is ask myself questions to make sure my head and heart are aligned with where I’m heading in my life. And by aligned, I also mean—am I aligned with God’s truth and what His will is for

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New year, new me?

Happy January, and no, I’m not going to tell you NEW YEAR NEW YOU! I don’t want you to believe that you need to be a new you, I want you to reclaim the power you may have surrendered to others through the process of not believing in yourself. You don’t need a new you, you need a confident you in

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Back to School Season!

Back to school season! It’s back to school season, even though the stores have been marching to that beat for awhile now. Does anyone else think it is crazy how early stores switch over to the “next” thing. I’m pretty sure Hobby Lobby is about to dig their Christmas stuff out… While you can run

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