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Back to School Season!

Back to school season!

It’s back to school season, even though the stores have been marching to that beat for awhile now. Does anyone else think it is crazy how early stores switch over to the “next” thing. I’m pretty sure Hobby Lobby is about to dig their Christmas stuff out…

While you can run into stores to grab the needed things such as pencils, paper, and crayons—what you cannot toss in that basket are the wellness tools to help give your child any of the nerves they may experience with the new school year.
Kids are experiencing new classrooms, new teachers, new schedules, new friends, and possibly even new crushes (been there, crushed that). All this mixes together and creates an opportune moment for butterflies to swarm around.

For some kids, nervousness is often expressed as a tummy ache. Other signs of anxiousness could be not being able to sleep well, emotional meltdowns at home that are abnormal, and eating a lot less. Most likely younger kids won’t be able to comprehend that nerves are causing them to feel awful, so look for these signs so you can support them at the core of the issue.

Some great options to support those nerves are:

Peace & Calming. This blend helps quiet emotions and allow the nerves to settle down.

Valor. This blend is amazing for confidence and that is exactly what your child needs right now! It is filled with oils that help balance emotions and allow your child to walk into school with a positive attitude.

Sacred Mountain & Orange. Make a roller bottle with 15 drops of each and then fill with a carrier oil. This blend is grounding but uplifting. It’s an affordable option to keep in your child’s backpack so they can roll it on as they need it throughout the day.

Help them gain some healthy habits when it comes to their emotions when they are young, and they’ll thank you for life!

Click here to check out my Back to School Wishlist! As always, please email me at for any Young Living questions.