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No resolutions this year

I’m not a big resolutions person, so I didn’t make any this year, but what I do like to do is ask myself questions to make sure my head and heart are aligned with where I’m heading in my life. And by aligned, I also mean—am I aligned with God’s truth and what His will is for my life?
Here’s some questions you can ask yourself if you’d like to do some self-reflection, preferably in the morning sunlight after you’ve eaten some protein and moved your body.
1)     What do you want? 
This isn’t your have to’s, but your want to’s. Are you living the life you want to right now? Or are you in survival mode just getting through the day? What motivates you? Makes you feel passionate? What makes you excited about your life?
2)     Do you know you are strong and capable of tackling any difficulties that may arise? 
Hard times will come, whether they are small or big. Do you believe you are strong enough to handle them? Do you even believe you can handle them? You will be tested and tried in this world. Put your warrior boots on!
3)     Are you living in truth? 
Are you speaking it? Living it out? Do you know truth? Or have you been lied to for so long that you aren’t sure what is true anymore? Seek out truth, speak truth, and be a light in this world that has been deceived for too long.
4)     Are you content with where you are now? 
We live in a world that applauds hustle culture and is so distracted that we struggle with being at peace in our life. We are moving on to the next thing or purchasing the newest fad. Stop. Breathe. Quit acting like the world.
5)     Are you taking care of yourself? 
You don’t need anything fancy to take care of yourself. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. You don’t have to believe in a self-love movement. But are you taking care of yourself? Eating good? Moving your body? Drinking enough water? Getting your minerals in? This isn’t fancy stuff. This is simply nourishment that you need to live your life well.
After you’ve asked yourself these questions, figure out where you need to improve. Maybe you need to set some boundaries? Maybe you need to stop listening to some voices in your life and listening to some different ones? Maybe you need to stop a bad habit or two? Maybe you just need to let go of some things and breathe?
Wherever you are today, know you can always make changes to create a better tomorrow.