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New year, new me?

2024 balloons
Happy January, and no, I’m not going to tell you NEW YEAR NEW YOU! I don’t want you to believe that you need to be a new you, I want you to reclaim the power you may have surrendered to others through the process of not believing in yourself. You don’t need a new you, you need a confident you in who you were made to be!
I’ve been talking a lot over on my Instagram about disrupting the lies we’ve been conditioned to believe. Lies that keep us silent. Lies that keep us chained to a system. Lies that we’ve been told repeatedly that we’ve simply stopped questioning.
How many things do you do or choose for the simple reason that it’s expected? That you weren’t given another option? That you were told was best?
Then how many times have you questioned something and then been shamed for it? Told that you shouldn’t listen to the crazy crunchy moms on social media that don’t vaccinate their kids and endanger everybody else around them?
We are told one narrative and then we are “put in our place”. And by that, I mean put in the place they want us—the place that keeps us blindly following along with what we are told to do.
You are more powerful than you know—otherwise would they be trying to take it from you?
So, this year…don’t strive for a new you, strive to reclaim you—all of you and all your power.
And I’m here for you—cheering you on!