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Read the insert

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the fact that manufacturers of vaccines are not held liable if someone is injured, harmed, or even killed by the vaccine.

Paired with the fact that on ALL vaccine inserts it says that each vaccine holds the potential to kill or permanently injure vaccine recipients…and I’m just wondering how many people know this?!

Did you know that the inserts say there is potential to injure and kill and yet the manufacturer isn’t liable for those injuries or deaths? They get to just keep making their product, making billions of dollars, and making others pay with their health and lives.

These are the things I think doctors should be going over in their office.

They should…

Sit down. Hand you the insert and go through it with you.

Let you ask questions. Point out possible problems as much as they point out what they believe are possible advantages. Pros and cons. Good and bad.

And then…let you make the best decision for your child instead of shaming you into doing something that you aren’t sure about.

I think if more parents knew that vaccine manufacturers said death or injury was possible and that if it did happen, they weren’t responsible for it…there would be a LOT more questions asked and a lot more accountability secured in a very corrupt system.

To me this just emphasizes how vaccines aren’t created for the safety of people. They are created for the security of corrupt agendas.

If you haven’t heard of this or want more information, download my free guide that goes over vaccine development, questions you should ask your doctor, ingredients, and more!