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Lies you’ve been told: Part 1

Lie’s You’ve Been Told About Autism: The childhood “schedule” doesn’t cause it.

The question that really needs to be asked is why do you think the “childhood schedule” doesn’t cause autism?

Have you…

  • Researched the ingredients yourself?
  • Looked at an insert before injecting your child?
  • Questioned your pediatrician and asked for their own resources?

Or have you…

  • Just done what you’ve been told to do?
  • Trusted what you’ve been told is “true”?

The ingredients in v**c*nes are ones that if we were to feed to our children at home, it would be considered child abuse. So, why when it is in a “medically necessary” injection is it considered safe?

This is another time to pause and ask yourself—why do you think the “childhood schedule” doesn’t cause autism?

What and who have you listened to that gives you a blind belief that a concoction of ingredients that if we, as parents, were to make them ingest them at home would be plenty of reason to be classified as child abuse, is totally fine as long as it is injected by a medical professional and that it can’t alter or damage your child’s body?

Have you yourself researched the matter or have you just let someone be the mama bird and deposit chewed up information in your mouth that you are now regurgitating?

What exactly would happen if you unlearned all of you have and started over again with the intention to find the truth yourself? Do you think you’d have the same beliefs now or do you think they would be different?

Is there a possibility that what you know has been carefully crafted to make you believe a certain way?

Then, once you answer all those questions—it’s time for you to take charge and dig through the information yourself. To ask your own question. To go deeper than surface level answers. To gain insight so you can make fully informed decisions and not ones you are expected to make.

And while correlation isn’t always causation—why are our children suffering at such alarming rates? Enough so why chronic diseases are considered an epidemic in our children?

It’s time to question every single thing that we are doing that could potentially create health issues and obstacles for our children for the rest of their life.