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Lies you’ve been told: Part 3

Lies You’ve Been Told About Autism: There is nothing you can do to heal.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that healing isn’t possible. Why? There is no $$$ in a healed body, but there is a lot of $$$ in one hooked up to the system.

A narrative of healing doesn’t facilitate the need for constant medical intervention. It also doesn’t facilitate a belief system in yourself that YOU can take your health into your own hands.

So, start asking yourself—what makes you believe you can’t heal from something? Is that something you came to the conclusion yourself or was that something you were told?

First, why do you believe you can’t?

Do you believe in healing at all?

Are we not capable of finding the root issue of things and making changes that could significantly impact our health and therefore, our healing?

Healing stems from hope and the belief that it’s possible. If you don’t have hope, there is most likely a narrative of shame written in your belief system.

Many times choices are made for us, either without our consent or in situations where we surrendered our power because we felt as if we didn’t have the knowledge or capability to do so for ourselves.

Let’s think back to an example where shame began to dictate our decision making or beliefs…

You’re pregnant! Everything is new, exciting, and also…overwhelming. You go in for your 10-week appointment to hear the heartbeat and the physician details out every single thing you need to be doing and everything you shouldn’t be doing. You don’t question this list—you just take it and are scared to do anything wrong that might result in something awful for you or baby—so, you adhere to it.

Right away, we believed we were not capable of figuring out how to have a healthy pregnancy even though women for thousands of years have been doing it without the direction of a doctor.

In this instance, the doctor may not have even shamed you with any language—you shamed yourself into taking the guidance without questioning anything behind it. Then when other changes that feel overwhelming because they are new arise, you surrender your power more easily because you didn’t equip yourself with empowerment from the get-go in your motherhood.

This is what can happen when your child is given a diagnosis. You don’t question it. You believe whatever you are told, including that healing is not possible. Even though, as we’ve covered, it’s not genetic, so that means CHOICES created this change in your child and there must be choices to help, too.

You have the power to do something—ALWAYS.

Dig deeper to find that drive and determination to believe in healing instead of accepting whatever you are told.