Effects of Processed Sugar

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Effects of Processed Sugar

Deana March 16, 2021

The bottom link is processed white sugar compromises our health in drastic ways not just the “immediate” effects but also long term. It can be considered a silent killer, although many signs that happen immediately are ignored or pushed aside as other things. When it really is the sugar. 

  1. Sugar is the leading cause of dental deterioration. Yes it can cause cavities and although flossing is nice (the sugar is the problem) It can cause bleeding gums, periodontal disease, excessive plaque buildup, weakening of bone structure and tooth loss. 
  2. Sugar is the main cause of diabetes
  3. Sugar is a significant contributor to heart disease, depression, mental illness, senility and cancer.
  4. Sugar is also a terrible villain to the endocrine system, adrenal glands, pancreas, liver and blood sugar fluctuation 

Processed sugar can have the following effects on the body: 

  1. overgrowth of Candida 
  2. intensify PMS symptoms 
  3. hyperactivity in 50% of children (at the very LEAST)
  4. breaks down into acid and causes inflammation
  5. increases panic attacks, irritability, anxiety 
  6. Makes it very difficult to lose weight and pushes the body to store fat and carbohydrates rather than burn them for energy