Let’s jump into some info on immune + digestive health!!!

This will be a text heavy course but it is PACKED FULL of VERY USEFUL INFORMATION!

Did you know that 80% of the immune system is in the gut? The gut and the brain are directly linked. When the gut is unhealthy the brain struggles to focus.

Have you also noticed that people have started to refer to going back to school or Fall as the “sick season.” Let me give you some food for thought!

October starts the candy rush with Halloween, then we have the sweet treats of Thanksgiving which moves us into Christmas when neighbors, churches and schools have sweet treat parties. Then we have Valentines day that is soon followed by Easter. Sugar hinders the immune system, damages gut health, reduces focus and does a number on behavior.

First we need to talk about nourishing the brain and the gut. The right fuel for the body makes all the difference in so many areas of health.

Making healthy choices when it comes to what you put in your body not only helps you stay healthy, but also helps your work or school day run smoother, and we can’t forget about the holiday breaks. To start, consider reducing the amount of stimulants you consume throughout the day, such as caffeine, sugar and processed foods, which can discourage focus and a restful sleep. Replace them with protein-rich wolfberries or NingXia Red to give sustained energy while balancing the body. Make sure to keep your blood sugar balanced, as this may play a part in added focus. And of course, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast each morning before school and work.

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