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Thursday Thoughts Blog

new year res
No resolutions this year
I’m not a big resolutions person, so I didn’t make any this year, but what I do like to do...
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2024 balloons
New year, new me?
Happy January, and no, I’m not going to tell you NEW YEAR NEW YOU! I don’t want you to believe...
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bowl of sugar and sugar cubes
Tis' the season
Are you worried one sneeze is going to take out your family for the holiday season? “‘Tis the season,” they...
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be thankful
Happy Thanksgiving!
Do you know what I love about this day? Besides the turkey, ham, and deviled eggs? I love that no matter...
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Knowledge is power... if you use it!
Hey friend! This is something that I feel I have to say. I can’t make you healthier. I can’t make you...
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Back to School Season!
Back to school season! It’s back to school season, even though the stores have been marching...
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Social Media & Our Children
Do you ever remember a time it felt dangerous to go somewhere as a kid? For me, that was walking to...
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A Season of Loneliness
Are you in a season of loneliness? So many times, we look at seasons where we feel that being lonely...
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Thursday Thoughts: July 20, 2023
You woke up today. Today we are going to talk about how you breathe. Fun fact: Breathing through...
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Thursday Thoughts: July 13, 2023
You woke up today. Let me say that again. You. Woke. Up. Today. What an incredible blessing it...
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