What to Pack

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What to Pack

Jodie April 24, 2024

Supplements and what I packed and what I often pack for most trips:

  1. Ningxia red sachets, I pack enough x3 for my carry on and the rest in my checked bag in a gallon ziplock bag 
  2. I combine sulfurzyme powder and inner beauty collagen together and bring the whole canister because I take a lot every day! This will also help hydration, skin and your detox pathways, keeping you healthy.
  3. Essentialzymes-4. I like these because they slip easily into any purse, backpack and suitcase and are the best in my experience of travel.
  4. Multigreens for emotional balancing and stress but if you are going to a hot climate and are planning on sun, beach, pool you definitely need these. I take 8-10 per day and these are also internal sunscreen.
  5. Bio toxin binder, this is what you need in case of sickness, food poisoning or stomach flu. I only use it as needed. You can grab some here at www.cellcore.com use practitioner code: B9Ab3m80
  6. Coated silver. This is also one for emergencies like an eye injury, pink eye or an ear infection. This also can purify water, so if you are going somewhere where water is an issue this is good to have on hand. Make sure you get COATED silver. I use cymbiotika brand.
  7. Ningxia nitro+ super B: these are your jetlag besties! Take in the mornings
  8. Claraderm – also for emergencies or things like a sudden UTI or yeast infection. This is also amazing for cuts or scrapes.
  9. Master Formula: this is THE most amazing multivitamin. On a daily basis if you take a master formula + ningxia + essentialzymes-4 you will be golden!
  10. Other things to consider: Inner defense for a natural antibiotic, parafree for parasites, agilease for soreness and pain and mighty pro as a travel probiotic and unwind for magnesium and sleep, juva tone for the liver because the liver is key to it all!


I always say take what you love and cannot live without. For me it’s digize (trust me you need to ALWAYS pack this), stress away, peppermint (cools you down quick in heat and amazing for fever and headaches), valor, peace and calming, bergamot and RC/Raven/Breathe again are all my staples.

I pack the dewdrop diffuser because it’s lightweight and pretty small and be sure to diffuse often! Just leave it going in your hotel room so you come back to a peaceful sanctuary.

This is my travel list:



I take capsules with me all the time for my longevity and red cedar bliss, these are phenomenal for radiation from the plane to mitigate it, keep the blood clean (what hangs out in the blood? Bacteria and viruses as well as your immune response)

So because I needed to do a suppository for my sudden and painful constipation I took a capsule filled it with digize and inserted it overnight. To my delight it worked beautifully by the next morning and I was back to normal! Yes it was a wee bit spicy but it was worth it and I was not going to go get meds at the pharmacy. I knew and trusted my body and the tools I brought with me.

Trust in the knowledge we have acquired and the tools we have is something that makes a huge difference in any potential situation. I want to encourage you today that you do indeed have the right tools at your fingertips and are equipped for anything that may come your way.