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      Jodie Meschuk

      Hello Everyone!!! Just a warm welcome to you all here! Please be using this community forum for all your needs and questions! I am LOVING this new space

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      Haley Miedema

      I just joined The Warrior Center and am so excited! I listened to the welcome video and Jodi mentioned a slack channel. I am on slack but am trying to find this workspace on there, but haven’t been able to do so. And have been searching the website too. Can someone point me in the right direction if that space still exists? Thanks!

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      Jodie Meschuk

      Welcome!! We are so glad you are here! The slack channel was a way for us to communicate prior to this website and community forum. We will update the video shortly so thank you for the reminder!

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      Teresa Arnold

      What is the recipe for the ‘mermaid spray’ that you talk about? Thanks!

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        Jodie Meschuk

        Hi there! There are different variations but this is the gist of it:

        in a 4oz glass spray bottle mix

        10 drops geranium

        20 drops lavender

        20 drops cedarwood

        20 drops rosemary

        1tsp jojoba oil

        1oz witch hazel

        Fill the rest with filtered or distilled water, mix and enjoy!

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