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      Ashley Asher

      My daughter stepped on a very rusty garden spike in our yard, it went pretty deep. I did get it to bleed some and cleaned it out, but is there anything anyone would recommend to try and stop any infection. Specifically Tetanus, can it be stopped? I have her taking a clove of garlic 2x a day with some colloidal silver, but the depth and the rust is making me nervous. Thanks!

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      Brandi Thompson

      If you have any Melrose, Purification, or Immupower, I would put that on it and many times for a few days. I would also take detoxzyme as well. As Jodi has stated about giving extra when the body is under stress.

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      Jodie Meschuk

      Tetanus does not come from rust, so unless the nail was somewhere where it could be exposed to infected animal feces, you do not need to worry about it.  Cleaning it well and applying melrose and/or helichrysum (or owie oil!) will work best

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