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      Cassie Ross

      Hello! Any tips for the stomach bug? This one has been awful. Worst I’ve dealt with ever. Vomiting has mostly stopped. Diarrhea is bad and so is the sadness that came with this bug. And we are on day 4 of it. Thank you!


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      Jodie Meschuk

      Oh no Im so sorry! How are you guys holding up? As always with stomach bugs, your best bet is to remain hydrated -electrolytes are super important as plain water doesn’t do the job.  Ningxia is also helpful, and bone broth.  Digize on the tummy frequently and diffuse clean happy oils like citrus!

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      Cassie Ross

      Thank you, Jodie! We will be doing the things you suggested! We are thankfully on the mend. A few of us still have diarrhea but hopefully it will end soon! It seems like the bug that keeps on giving 😂

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