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      Brandi Thompson

      Do you recommend heartworm prevention for dogs? Would you recommend parafree verses what the vet will want to give?

      I was told by a vet to have the dog checked every 6 months. But of course, every vet I speak with wants our dog on prevention and they say it’s not filled with chemicals like people think.

      What about other shots? Distemper, parvo, rabies etc? Dewormer?

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      Jodie Meschuk

      Have you checked out the pets courses? I treat my dogs like I do the rest of the family so we skip all of that but use lots of healthy alternatives. If you go into the Zoom Calls section, I just did a whole episode on pet health that should be super helpful

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      Samantha Pinhey

      Friends dog is on day 3 of being unable to keep anything down. Any recommendations??

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      Jodie Meschuk

      How is the dog? Any chance it could have picked up parvo (is it a puppy?). I would stop normal food and feed it boiled chicken and rice for a bit, and add in a probiotic (like Life9 opened, or a dog specific one). Also check for any other possible issues -especially if its a puppy -blockages due to eating something random, etc

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