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      Shelby McLemore

      It seems like you posted somewhere about nosebleeds. I have one son that gets them when we travel to a higher elevation and sometimes after flying. We live in Arizona so obviously very dry. But we don’t all get them so I feel there must be a root. They stop easily – I use Cypress or Lavender or Helichrysum over the bridge of his nose, whatever I have handy.
      I would say they are mild, but they happen every few months, sometimes more often when we have been traveling a lot. So I would like to get to the root.

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      Jodie Meschuk

      Some of us are more prone to nosebleeds, and men/boys in general more than women. It sounds like you know the cause -dryer conditions (filtered cabin air, the worst!). You can try using the oils proactively when flying, or even an aromaring and making sure to moisturize before traveling with a saline and xylitol spray, plus lots of hydration and immune support with Ningxia and/or the Vitality drops in his water bottle.

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