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      Tina T

      I am noticing that I am extra moody and irritable…. It’s about two weeks before my period and my breasts are extremely tender which is not usually the norm. I have zero patience at the moment, and I’m sure a lot of it has to do with just generally being burnt out taking care of my family, which I’m sure most of us can relate to. I just need a little direction. I have multigreens, sulfurzyme, minerals, super b, lots of oils,  and Pro+. I’m thinking at this point I mostly need help with dosage on each of these things. I want to get on an even keel so that I feel somewhat normal again. I definitely suspect adrenal fatigue (I’ll check the course on that) amongst other things. I just want make a plan so that I can effectively use the products that I have to help myself heal. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!!

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      Jodie Meschuk

      How are you currently using those tools? If you suspect adrenal fatigue, we have some great info in the courses section.  However, is it possible you are pregnant? Some of us experience symptoms rather quickly.

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        Tina T

        I’m definitely going to review your adrenal fatigue course. I’ve been taking maybe a tablespoon and a half of sulfurzyme with 5 pumps minerals and 2 super B in the morning but have really started being consistent with it this past week. Also, taking maybe 6-8 multigreens a day, using CBD soothe roller, using Release EO, 3-4 drops Pro+ applied to either inner thigh or belly nightly. No chance of pregnancy but yes, similar emotions/irritability as if I were.

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