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      Lauren Ward

      My sister has been having issues with large clots for a few months. Her cycles were irregular and I suggested she try progessence plus. Then she started having regular heavy bleeding so she stopped using it. Now she is still bleeding up to two weeks after her period but it’s very large clots. She’s worried it could be something serious. Should she start back using progessence plus again? I told her she needs to stop using all the things that disrupt the horomones and endocrine system too, but we know it’s a process.

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      Jodie Meschuk

      The pro plus is trying to level her hormones, so yes definitely go back on it. Is she on any birth control? If she is, then those two are basically going to be battling and she has to stop taking the BC or remove it if it is an IUD. She can also benefit from DIM detox.  She has to allow the Pro plus to work

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      Lauren Ward

      She is not on birth control nor does she have an IUD. She had a scare over the weekend where I took her to urgent care because she had a large clot and felt dizzy and light headed so we were worried she’s lost too much blood but hemoglobin was at a low normal.

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