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      Sam Perry

      Hello! I wanting to know everything possible about kidney stones especially how to stop formation when you are told it is genetic. I have plenty experience of passing kidney stones and have found drinking Citrus Fresh EO in my water with a lot of walking helps get them out (5 stones passed-small in size). This most recent time, I had 6.5 mm and 4.5mm stone in my left kidney (I didn’t have Citrus Fresh on hand) that I was told I must have surgery to break them up to pass them. I did Lemon EO in capsules, 2 capsules 3x a day with a lot of water. I continued doing my daily Sulfurzyme, Longevity and Ningxia. I also rubbed Juniper all along my kidneys. I was able to pass them in 7days. I have purchased K&B and waiting for it to come in the mail but I don’t know too much information on K&B.


      Any help and advice to stop formation is beyond greatly appreciated.

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      Jodie Meschuk

      It sounds like you are doing all of the right things. I would add in to observe your hydration -not just water but add in electrolytes as well, this has a huge bearing on kidney stones.  You can also look up an at home IV company to come and do a vitamin cocktail to get your body back on track.  We use one whenever we are feeling very run down and it can help balance fluids.  I would continue with the capsule of lemon oil but also add in another capsule with half helichrysum and half cistus for a week.  The K&B will be fantastic for maintenance, it has juniper berries which enhance the bodys efforts to maintain proper fluid balance, parsley which supports kidney and bladder function and urva ursi which supports both urinary and digestive system health.  It also contains geranium, fennel, clove, roman chamomile, sage and juniper oils -anti microbial and anti inflammatory compounds.

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