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      Megan Bachman

      Jodie/others, how do you go about filling out summer camp forms requesting physician signoff? I know Jodie has shown this before, but I forget. I can elect the exemption for vaccinations, but our form in OH has a physician physical section and I just can’t remember the wording you’ve used to basically say, none of your business but also satisfy the “requirement”. Thanks!

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      Jodie Meschuk

      Hey there! You have a lot of options of which way you can go, and you can always pivot.  Option one is you can sign the form yourself and write in that you do not submit to physicals due to your religious beliefs. Option two is a chiro who can fill out the forms. Option three would be concierge medicine where they come to you -theyre are often more holistic minded.  Lastly you can see a naturopath.


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