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      Jenna Brogaard

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>846922CA-8C62-432B-B121-A7DB3F2B01EF9D213B2C-656B-4736-AE8E-FA4F9C177069F9590478-DD05-4D72-AA34-954DE8989267CDE1831C-BA8C-4049-A4A3-A506089396DDHi all, thank you for having me on this group.
      I recently officially got diagnose with celiac and have had a GI treat confirm H pylori and strep in my gut…</p>
      it has been a whirlwind and emotional process to have gotten these answers after I was severely gaslit by my last doctor.. I thank the a lord every day for stress away because I literally don’t know what I’d do without it.
      I have been having anaphylactic reactions to gluten.. and it’s funny because I was applying P+ to my wrists and FACE forgetting it had wheat germ in it until last night. 😂 I laugh about it now.

      I often experience hunger at night.. I know that sounds like parasites..

      as far as supps and oils I have been taking the strep capsules from the EO desk reference and lemongrass oil. I am curious as to how to use it as I have an ulcer in my duodenum and it’s a spicy oil..
      I also take magnesium bis glycinate and longetivy capsules. There are some supps I don’t have a tolerance for yet including probiotics.
      my blood sugars swing pretty easily along with mood and, my menstrual cycles are crazy in all of the ways any advice would be helpful.
      Prior to covid I did not have these issues. At least to this extent.

      From a girl that used to be able to eat anything!


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      Jodie Meschuk

      Hi! Im so sorry for all this stress. Aside from the things we talked about I would also recommend finding a good homeopath.  Classical homeopathy can help with so much including food intolerances.  Stay away from all gluten and give it at least 6 months..unfortunately a life time of damage cannot be undone quickly but thankfully it CAN be undone. Check all the things -soy sauce for instance is wheat based, tons of salad dressings, frosting, soup (rue) and other things you wouldnt think would contain gluten, do (most sushi rolls). I would add in some capsules of the new Red Cedar Bliss to help with any infections and covid remnants. Also eliminating dairy and sugar for a while will help with gut healing.  Raw camel milk is the exception as that can also really help with your gut rebalancing.

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