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      Jen Hatlevig

      I am 45 years old and grew up always thinking I had exercise induced asthma and it would flare up as well when I was near cats and hay.   Anyway, I used an inhaler before I would exercise until about the age of 20.  About 10 years ago I went to see a pulmonologist and after all the testing he said my lungs work about 70% and I would be on an oxygen tank by the age of 55 if I did not start taking a daily inhaler. It scared the crap out of me, so I did take an inhaler for about 3 years daily.  I stopped taking the inhaler after my insurance stopped covering it.  Fast forward to now and I have become very holistic and was introduced to Young Living about 5 years ago.  I would love to know your thoughts on all thing’s asthma.  Should I be worried about my lung compacity?  Should I take something before I exercise?  I definitely get more winded than the average person especially knowing that I work out a lot more than them.  An example of this would be just walking up steps . . .I get tired vs the person next to me would not be breathing heavy at all.  I work out and they do not.

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      Jodie Meschuk

      There are definitely so many things we can do to help our lung healing and capacity.  Check out the courses section for detox and this one in specific though its under childhood illness it can apply to adults as well

      The 4 A’s – Autism, ADHD, allegies, asthma

      Tree oils are fantastic for lung function, red cedar bliss in a capsule can also be helpful, longevity, ningxia, and helichrysum in a capsule.

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