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    my son Decker is 3. dealing with a lot from his pre school -he has a ton of energy which my son is SUPER active. he has a hard time concentrating and going from one task to another-  the school is making us get him evaluated which fine but medicating for possible ADHD which is what they are saying he has is not something i want to do. this is all new to me I feel so lost on what I should give him or what I should start him on. He is vaccinated and he did undergo surgery last Jan for a cyst which he was put out for….im just trying to heal his gut and get his energy and concentrating on track and there’s just so many options I have no idea where to start. Definitely looking for some insight on what to do, what to use etc. Super new to this community but also really excited to start this journey with him. Thank you !

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  • Jodie Meschuk

    November 19, 2023 at 1:35 pm

    Hi there and welcome!

    If you navigate to the course section, or even just use the search function, you will find a TON of info on detoxing and healing the gut.

    That being said, a three year old boy has no business being on medication for ADHD. It sounds like the school should be evaluated for not meeting his needs properly -if you can find a different daycare or keep him home, it would make a world of difference. 3 year olds -boys especially, are not going to “focus and stay on task.” but this is disruptive to a classroom and so they are punished, medicated and forced to sit down and be quiet.  The system is broken and does not work for our kiddos -so we have to make it work for them.  Montessori or Waldorf schools if available and accessible may be a better option, or even just a different place with more caring people (a nature school maybe) if you are not able to be home with him. You are your kids biggest advocate and first line of defense!

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