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      Ashley Smith

      My daughter is having regular headaches.  Sometimes the headache causes her to throw up.  They seem to be triggered by emotions, excitement at arriving at a friends house, sad about me dropping her off at school. She will also get dark circles under her eyes. Epsom salt baths help greatly but they can only be done when we are at home. I give her several supplements and use peppermint oil, for the headaches as well. Just curious if there are other suggestions.

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      Jodie Meschuk

      It sounds like migraines. Depending on how old she is, it may be related to hormones, her diet, hydration and many other things. I would use Pro Plus if she has started menstruating, add in a good probiotic like Life9, make sure she is drinking plenty and using an electrolyte like our YL drops, Mineral essence and Ningxia, and try MGrain oil and clean up diet if needed

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