Roxanne Henry

We woke up to my 10 year old daughter experiencing what appeared to be a seizure. She actually stopped breathing and we started CPR. She came back to after minutes and had her vitals taken by the paramedics. Vitals were normal.  We were suggested to go to the ER for testing, which we did.
A urine, blood, x-ray, CT scan and EEG were performed.   The EEG showed abnormal activity in the right temporal that indicated increased risk of seizure known as Focal Seizure. They administered Keppra and recommended we start dosing twice a day to reduce the risk. We visit the neurologist today for more info.    She’s never had a seizure nor did she present any signs that something was off that day.

Any advice, info whether it be conventional or holistic would be appreciated.  Administering Keppra daily isn’t something we take lightly, nor do I know that it’s necessary without more info.

Thank you for any light you might be able to shed on this topic. I haven’t found much holistic info.