Jodie Meschuk

Hi there! I think, while often times there can be illness involved, we tend to worry and pathologize otherwise normal child behavior.  There could be a lot at play here -I would first work on her emotional wellbeing -check out the oils and emotions courses in the course section.  Next I would work on her gut healing, sometimes our gut being out of balance can cause a whole host of things, from anxiety to eczema. Next, have a talk with her. At 6 she should be able to tell you what, if anything, is causing her worry.  Did someone at school have an accident and get made fun of? If she afraid of being embarrassed, and if so, where did that come from? Especially if our kids are in a school setting, bullying and embarrassment start very early.  The clothing situation could be a sensory thing, but it could also just be being 6 and accustomed to comfy, soft clothing.  A detox is never a bad thing, so check out those courses as well. For her gut -you can do Ningxia, a quality probiotic like Mightypro, and depending on what her diet is like -work on eliminating excess sugar, regular processed dairy, food dyes and the like.