• Jodie Meschuk

    May 22, 2023 at 10:10 am

    Hi! Im so sorry for all this stress. Aside from the things we talked about I would also recommend finding a good homeopath.  Classical homeopathy can help with so much including food intolerances.  Stay away from all gluten and give it at least 6 months..unfortunately a life time of damage cannot be undone quickly but thankfully it CAN be undone. Check all the things -soy sauce for instance is wheat based, tons of salad dressings, frosting, soup (rue) and other things you wouldnt think would contain gluten, do (most sushi rolls). I would add in some capsules of the new Red Cedar Bliss to help with any infections and covid remnants. Also eliminating dairy and sugar for a while will help with gut healing.  Raw camel milk is the exception as that can also really help with your gut rebalancing.