• Megan Bachman

    April 27, 2023 at 4:12 pm

    I did the oil massage on his belly earlier today and felt a bit of hardness in what felt like a line on his right side from his pelvis to right below his ribs. About an hour after that he did have a BM, but don’t feel like it was a full clearing. It looked like #5 on the Bristol stool chart. He said he felt better after that, but he’s definitely not well. He’s still peeing very frequently and asked to change into his jammies midday and has been very irritable. Before I applied the oils, he presented with hives on both sides of his abdomen, spine, very small amount on his chest and legs. His side body is the worst. I wondering if he’s trying to purge something as a result of the raindrop I did on him the other day and his other detox pathways are not working well and this is how it’s coming out??

    Diet is pretty good (not GAPS good though), and definitely has areas of improvement. We eat well sourced organic meats, eggs, minimal dairy which includes some raw cows milk, yogurt, kefir and minimal cheese. He does eat gluten and grains but not to excess (although he would love to do that). We eat vegetables and fruits, make our own stocks and broths for soups, eat out infrequently and minimize processed foods cooking primarily all meals at home. He consistently take a probiotic and ningxia almost daily. We were doing unwind, but will pause that for now.

    Emotions, about a month ago we had him stop finger sucking which was his main coping strategy. We tried this once before about a year ago and he did well for several months, but then started biting his nails excessively and then ultimately brought finger sucking back (and worse than before) after we had our new baby in July. That was my first thought when this all started, he’s withholding or something causing him to be backed up and then causing the peeing issues. We typically support his emotions with oils, lots of hugs, snuggles and try to minimize stress but not always successful there.