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Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Intro to Harmful Ingredients

Jodie Meshuk June 5, 2023

Unfortunately, here in the U.S, the FDA (under the Federal Hazardous Substance Act) does not require household cleaning supply companies to provide/label the ingredients on the product itself. Many chemicals used in everyday household products have never been formally approved by US regulators because they were developed decades ago before laws required scientific reviews of cleaning ingredients. Companies still continue to use ingredients not approved. According to the EPA, of the nearly three thousand top selling chemicals in the U.S., only 7 percent have a full set of basic toxicity information. 


This is because it takes years to get ingredients approved by regulation because of the massive volume of studies required to be performed. The studies require a lot of funding. 

Did you know?

The European government has banned 1,222 times more chemicals than the U.S.