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Tis’ the season

bowl of sugar and sugar cubes

Are you worried one sneeze is going to take out your family for the holiday season?

“‘Tis the season,” they say. But I don’t think so.

This is the season we bolster our immune systems knowing that we don’t always make the healthiest choices. I mean, we should consciously make better choices so that when grandma’s famous chocolate pie that only comes out at Christmas is served, we devour it. Because don’t turn down grandma’s chocolate pie thinking it’ll make you sick (there are some things that are Christmas tradition and grandma won’t be around forever!), but it’s everything else you’ve compromised on that has majorly lowered your immune system.

And I don’t just mean the constant sugar you’ve allowed through baking all the holiday goodies every weekend and eating them throughout the week…

I also mean, the hurried holiday hustle that has caused you to get less sleep and less time to take care of yourself. This goes for your kids, too! Their schedule often becomes crammed full of holiday activities that keep them exhausted and being exhausted welcomes sickness.

Here are some ways to keep your family healthy in the holiday season:

  • NingXia every single day. If you must mix it in some OJ, do it. Get them to take this powerhouse supplement daily.
  • Super C Chewables.
  • Immupro. If you notice their little bodies or your body is starting to falter, take one or two of these before bed.
  • Make sure everyone is eating healthy protein first thing in the morning—eggs or meat are my first two choices. Packing protein at the front of your day is incredible for your body for many reasons, but it also keeps you from eating a quick, sugared breakfast that automatically depletes their immune system from the get-go!
  • If you must make the sweets…make the sweets, eat them once, and wrap them up to deliver some holiday cheer to neighbors. Don’t let a pan of fudge sit out on your counter all week as you piece on it.
  • Raindrop Roller to put down the spines of everyone every single day to promote a robust immune system while helping to detox the crud. 
  • Get your kids to bed and get to bed yourself! On the days there aren’t activities going on, GET TO BED. Sleep is when our body repairs and bolsters itself for the next day. Keep yourself well rested and your body will thank you!


The holiday season can be busy, but that doesn’t mean you have to not feel your best!