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Thursday Thoughts: February 9, 2023

Happy Thursday! At this point in the week, it’s so easy to think, Thank goodness it’s Friday tomorrow!

Life can be heavy, overwhelming, and stressful sometimes, can’t it? Add in thefact that we’ve been conditioned to dread every other day except Friday and our weekend. We are told our work week is the worst part of our life while we celebrate the weekends.

Can you allow me to ask some hard questions? Because I believe I can help you begin to shift the narrative you’ve been forced to consume and see things through a new perspective.

Why is the work week so horrible?

Do you hate what you do? Is it unfulfilling? Do you feel as if you aren’t valuable?
If these things are true, friend—you’ve got a problem. You need a job change and possibly a career change all together. In 2023 there are 249 workdays. So, 68% of your year includes a day of work. If your work day is literally sucking thejoy out of your life, what do you have left to give to the ones you love at the end of the day or on the weekends?

Also, can we just talk about how emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting working a job that makes you not love your life is? This isn’t healthy and this isn’t a picture of you thriving in life.

Have you simply decided to play victim to life (a worldly narrative)?

Did you know that hard work is a foundational principle to living a happy and healthy life? We aren’t meant to stay stagnant—to sit and do nothing. We are meant to move, to think, to become, to advance. This can look different depending on your career but listen—working is NOT a negative. It’s the attitude towards work that needs to be changed.

Do you realize the blessing it is for you to pour value into what you do?

How blessed people are to be poured into by YOU! Customers, clients, coworkers, and for those whose calling is to be a homemaker and stay at home mom—your children and husband! How blessed these people are to receive your attention, your care, and your time!

Instead of looking at your life full of things you HAVE TO do – look at what you GET TO do.

It’s incredible! Life is beautiful and full!

You are important, valued, and needed in unique and wonderful ways. Whatever work you’ve been called to—do it well. You are needed as a light in your workspace.