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Thursday Thoughts: February 2, 2023

Welcome to a brand-new series called Thursday Thoughts with Jodie. Encouragement is always needed and I’m going to pour it all over you, but I don’t want you to sit still in that drenching inspiration—I want you to move. Move towards good things—new things—things that are going to bring about massive changes in life for you and your family.

So, let’s start with something that is going to propel you forward in choosing only the best for the ones you love most!

The reality we cannot escape is that we only have so much time with our children before they are off making their own choices and carving out their own destinations. I don’t say that to guilt or shame you but to remind you that YES YOU CAN DO THIS and YES IT WILL BE HARD.

Healing takes difficult decisions. It takes moving priorities around. It requires boundaries—maybe with people or schedules that overwhelm more than enhance. It requires putting on armor, over and over again so that you become more skilled and strong against the things that are designed to steal your hope and gain your submission.

But it isn’t impossible. Everything above has been done before by many others.

They’ve shifted their perspective to what life CAN LOOK LIKE instead of accepting the life that the world is trying to offer them.

The world lulls you into a belief that you must take what you are given and not question it.

I’ve heard things like…

“It’s too much work!”

“I’m too busy!”

“I’m overwhelmed with where to start.”

You aren’t alone, but let’s pivot. Let’s change these thoughts to…

👉🏼 This is worthy work and it’s worth my time.

👉🏼 I can rearrange our schedule to prioritize what is most important to my child’s healing.

👉🏼 I don’t have to know the entire path forward; I’ve just got to start somewhere.

You are capable of changing your mindset so you can step into the place of healing.

Friend, it’s been done before. Which means it can be done again.

What a beautiful life we live that we can say YES to healing and take the steps to do so.