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Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you know what I love about this day? Besides the turkey, ham, and deviled eggs?
I love that no matter where you are right now, whatever circumstances you are going through…gratitude is something we all can give. This day can often make some feel a little defeated, especially if it’s been a hard year of loss (of loved ones, income, friendships, and more) or maybe it’s been a difficult year where you’ve just felt like you are in survival mode. 
But you woke up today, on a day where we get to celebrate something that can come without a feast or even a gathering. We get to celebrate thankfulness. Have you ever noticed how this is one of the few holidays that doesn’t necessarily focus on monetary things?
I mean sure, there are thousands of companies focused on their Black Friday sales (however…those started on November 1st this year…), but as far as the intention behind this holiday, it’s always been more about slowing down and being grateful for the good in your life.
I’d like to take this opportunity where I get the blessing of being in your inbox to say I am SO grateful for you. I’m grateful for those who subscribe to hear from me and for the experiences God has given me to navigate so I can be a voice of hope and healing for those who are looking for it.
Thank you for letting me be a voice through the words I send you.
May you find gratitude today, may you remember what’s the most important, and may you continue your own path of hope and healing.