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A Season of Loneliness

Are you in a season of loneliness?

So many times, we look at seasons where we feel that being lonely is a burden. We see all we are missing; all we wish we had in connection with others.
And I understand. It’s so hard to feel like no one else sees you, like no one else cares.

This happens so often when you are journeying through something that is misunderstood by others whether it is in your health, or in your business, or just in your life in general. When we trek down paths that aren’t as traveled down, we often lose connections that we had before.
Some people aren’t meant to go with you and in the wait for a new community to surround you, it can often feel like loneliness is a punishment.
But it’s not true. Seasons of loneliness can be a true gift if we choose to receive it.

Loneliness allows us to learn how to rely on Jesus.

The truth is that all other relationships will never fulfill us if we never allowed Jesus to fill us first. If we rely on others to fill that void, people will always disappoint us, but Jesus won’t. Until we learn how to be content and rooted in Him, we struggle with being content with anything.

We will constantly be searching for “what’s missing,” but Jesus has simply been waiting for you to let Him in.

If you are in a season of loneliness, know that you aren’t truly alone and that this is the perfect time to fill yourself with His perfect love and understanding. This is an opportunity to grow closer to Jesus so that when a new community does surround you, you aren’t looking for them to complete you—but to enrich your life. And you will be able to enrich theirs