Part Two: Seizures and children

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Part Two: Seizures and children

Jodie April 12, 2022

This will be more specifically looking at the root cause that occurs IN infant stages, like right out of the womb and remember listen to your intuition and NOTHING is a dead end. There is always hope, there are always people who will be on your side and yes even in the medical community, it’s just a matter of finding them which is another reason why I a so glad you are here, and yes there are protocols that can help.

Gut health
Essential oils
Targeted supplements

One of the most frightening things for parents are watching your child have a seizure, and even more so is the often long road to try and figure out the root cause. Fevers can be one of the first introduction to seizures, febrile seizures, and as scary as they are, rarely is a febrile seizure something to worry about. There are other signs to look for if there is a deeper root cause. And then there is the whole conversation of the implications using Tylenol, Motrin and other over the counter synthetics can do in terms of short and long term damage.

*side note please see the fever module for more about fevers in general and what do to as well as how to treat them naturally and why we should not fear a fever.

Not all seizures are dramatic events, so it can become tricky; often some are quite subtle. It can be worth mentioning any slight movements to your practitioner, just remember you are in the driver’s seat.

Some things that can sign are:

Startling movements (although remember this can also be a normal fight and flight response in the nervous system or tics which can be a sign of heavy metal toxicity/vaccine adverse reaction or other environmental exposure.

A few items to review on a nutrition checklist that can help you investigate further:

Rule out bowel infections and treat them holistically if you feel this is the root cause, and listen to that mama intuition. Certain imbalances in the gut microbiome can spur seizure like signs. You can certainly get some testing on the stool done for yeast or parasites; but labs sometimes do not show the whole picture. Audit if the gut is in proper balance. Have you been consistent with probiotics and nutrition. Meaning has there been excess sugar, gluten or processed foods in general; food dyes are also a major issue.

Microbes do have the ability to cross babies blood brain barrier if they escape from the gut (meaning if the gut is not in good shape and there is damage already occurring from use of antibiotics or exposure to antibiotics). Research has shown that it will react with seizures when proprionic acid is present, and this can worsen symptoms in children that appear as “autistic”. Improvement has been made in children with seizures when intestinal candida is treated with food and lifestyle modifications. Some practitioners will treat candida with anti-fungals such as difulcan; but be mindful if you take this approach that all OTC’s, synthetics and prescriptions such as difulcan carry side effects and often even the increased permeability of the gut, so consider an approach of food, removing toxin exposure and even the use of things like essential oils for a natural approach to candida.

In newborns one thing you can rule out is bilirubin toxicity. Interesting the link between this and the Vitamin K shot and worth exploring that before you decide to do or not do the vitamin K injection. You always have an option to do vitamin K drops and keep the chord attached for a few extra minutes and yes as the mama you have the right to request that they do not cut the chord right away. If jaundice does occur inform a trusted practitioner or pediatrician, if it proceeds it can release a chemical that can cause neurotoxicity. Look for an arching back, high pitched cry, lethargy, and unusual floppiness. Interestingly enough these are vaccine adverse reactions as well and again, be sure you are aware that the vitamin K standard shot contains an ingredient with a direct link to liver toxicity and jaundice. In either case, TRUST your intuition as a mama, you know your child best and when you feel something act on it.

Read the vaccine inserts, ALL of them, you will see that seizures are a known side effect of ALL immunizations. Report it the VAERS and insist that your doctor fail out a report as well, and then consider your next approach whether you want to continue to vaccinate or not. Yes it is a personal choice and one that you know best and no one can force you to do them. If you child has even the slightest change in their health or vitality (failure to thrive) this is a sign to step into your mama power. You have the absolute right to stop well checks, stop vaccinating, never vaccinate, defer or anything in between.

Let’s not forget that in 1986 vaccine manufacturers became completely immune to all liability for vaccine injury to your child. This freedom also keeps your pediatrician silent for fear of losing the extra bonuses they receive for vaccine compliance and even the threat of losing their license. Trust your instincts – always.

Some helpful regimens for the brain

Frankincense pressed to the roof of the mouth even in an infant and doing that often HMF Natogen Probiotic for the gut and this is used from newborn to approx 10 months or so before switching to Mightypro

Rosemary and Cedarwood on the head (crown of the head) doesn’t need to be dilated

Here is the perfect way to target the brain


The Locus Coeruleus!

What is that???

Affectionately also known as the “LC notch”, the locus coeruleus is also the central circuit in the brain, attached to the brain stem and goes into the spinal cord as well. The LC notch is also the switchboard for where the nerves are attached, to be carried to where they need to go. I have listed some references below if you want more details on the widespread impact the LC notch has and the list is pretty extensive. In short, if you want to work on:

  1. stress
  2. trauma
  3. anxiety
  4. emotions
  5. focus
  6. attention span
  7. short term and long term memory
  8. motivation
  9. decision making
  10. posture and balance
  11. regulating sleep-wake cycle

THIS is the spot that you want to oil.
Covered by hair and you wonder on the efficacy? Our hair is our best diffuser and the areas where you have more hair (e.g. your head) would mean that there are many more hair follicles that will transport the oils into wherever they need to go.

Next module will be: Sleep & Kids with special needs