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Drainage Pathways

Drainage is series of processes by which waste leaves our bodies. When our drainage pathways become clogged or stagnant, we are unable to eliminate toxins and waste effectively. This is why understanding the processes of drainage and learning how to open you drainage pathways MUST be step one to any detoxification protocol. I know you’re feeling eager to take some anti-parasitic herbs and oils but TRUST me when I tell you this is pertinent to the journey. Why is this information so important? Understanding how our body works as a drainage funnel and supporting that funnel will aid in the detoxification and healing process that comes along with any type of cleansing. It will ease and potentially eliminate (depending on your individual starting point) negative effects we can experience while detoxing. These negative effects are a type of reaction called a “Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction” or a “Herx reaction” also commonly referred to as “Die-off symptoms”. This is something to be taken seriously. A Herx reaction is caused by by an increase in endotoxins, a toxic substance living inside bacteria, fungi (such as yeast), parasites, fat cells, and more. As we begin to cleanse and detox these toxins are released into the body. If we have a heavy toxic load and we kill off too much in a short amount of time this toxin overload can cause a sudden onset of symptoms.

Symptoms include:
* -Sweating
* -Blistering (typically around the mouth)
* -Chills
* -Fever
* -Aches/pains
* -Nausea
* -Dizziness 
* -Skin irritations
* -Congestion
* -Excess mucus
* -Fatigue 
* -Diarrhea 
* -Constipation

Opening your drainage pathways will automatically trigger a gentle, mild detox that will help to reduce your symptoms and decrease inflammation. Do not think of this as postponing your healing journey, rather an essential step with its own important benefits. Because drainage is our body’s ability to eliminate toxins, we want this process happening at all times, not just when we’re working through a healing protocol. Ideally, once you have opened drainage pathways and healed from your root causes of dysfunction, you should be able to maintain open drainage pathways more easily. 

How do we open our drainage pathways?

There are several steps of drainage that must flow to achieve not only effective elimination, but also keep our body able to process roadblocks along the way. Dr. Jay Davidson speaks of our body and drainage pathways in particular like a funnel.

At the top we have our lymphatic system. A network of specialized vessels in the nervous system which collect and remove aerobic waste and toxins from the tissue of the brain and spine. The glymph funnels down into our lymphatic system. The lymph vessels function as a secondary circulatory system, supplying immune cells and removing waste from our muscles, organs and glands. Note: ideal function of our lymphatic system REQUIRES movement. I will get into this more in a bit. The lymph then funnels on to a grand tributary: the liver/bile duct. The liver traps toxins in bile to be removed from the body. Bile flows along to be emptied into the colon. The colon is the last holding point for waste before it is eliminated from the body. However, it does rely on another organ to function properly: the kidneys. The kidneys filter waste from the body and also control hydration of the colon. If the kidneys are weak or stressed, our colons become dehydrated and we are likely to experience constipation. Constipation is the ultimate obstruction in the funnel that will cause a backup to higher channels. If you are not having regular, healthy bowel movements, all of the systems working upwards will be overwhelmed with toxins. Essentially is our drainage pathways are not open and flowing the liver and gallbladder, lymphatic system and glymphatic system will be unable to perform their intrinsic functions of filtering and removing toxins and waste from our brains and bodies. Additionally the organs and functions that are supported by these systems will not be able to function optimally. Hello, immune system?